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Filtry k vysavači

Active air clean filter (MIE1002) (MIE1002)
Miele active air clean filter 9616110
Active HEPA filter SF-AH50 (MIE1004) (MIE1004)
Retains particles which can be harmful to those with allergies. An active charcoal layer also revents odours from escaping with the exhaust air. Original p/n.: 7226170Suitable for: S4000 - S4999 S5000 - S5999 S6000 - S6999
Aktivní HEPA Filtr SF-AH30 Miele (MIE1003) (MIE1003)
Retains particles which can be harmful to those with allergies. An active charcoal layer also revents odours from escaping with the exhaust air. Original p/n.: 7226160Suitable for: S300i - S858i S2000 - S2999* S7000 - S7999 * Not suitable for models with fabrication code "43/..." or above on the data plate (located underneath the appliance).

Podlahová hubice

Floorbrush SBB300-3 (MIE2020) (MIE2020)
The Parquest Twister floorbrush will gently clean wood, tiled floors and other surfaces which are susceptible to scratiching and is ideal for large areas as well as crevices.Suitable for: 4000 series
1 314,05
Kartáč k Vysavači Černá (72538320)
The Classis standard floorhead (SBD 285-3) is suitable for vacuuming all floor surfaces.Suitable for all Miele S2000/Classic, S4000, S6000/Compact, S5000, S8000/Complete and S380 and S381 models.
1 303,00
Kombinovaný Kartáč 35 mm Černá (MIE2006)
The Classic standard floorhead is suitable for vacuuming all floor surfaces. Original p/n.: 7253820Suitable for: S500 - S858
1 239,00
Turbo kartáč STB205-3 (MIE7250040) (MIE7250040)
Díky turbo kartáči snadno a rychle odstraníte veškeré nečistoty z koberců, aniž by došlo k poškození vláken.
1 652,07


Odvápňovací Tableta Univerzální 6 ks (MIE3002)
For powerful cleaning in your kitchen.

Sklad N

Kartáček Produktové Označení Originálu 1454591 (W3-18007S)
T300, 400, 500-series original MIELE 1454591
Kartáček Produktové Označení Originálu 4297413 (W1-18037)
Uhlíky do motoru, vhodné pro MIELE W700, 800, 900 série. • Rozměry: 15 x 5,0 x 28 mm • Konektory: 4,8 mm • Alternativa: 4297410 • Balení = 2 uhlíky, cena za baleníSuitable for: W700, 800, 900 series
Rukojeť k Vysavači Miele S500-600 35 mm Černá (9442601)
Original p/n.: 9442601 Replacement of: 9442600 Suitable for: S370i t/m S378i S500i t/m S558i S600i t/m S658i S700i t/m S758i S800i t/m S858i S4000 t/m S4999 S5000 t/m S5999
Rukojeť k Vysavači S-Serie 35 mm Černá (W7-69090-MIE)
Bend end Fits on all MIELE vacuumcleaners till S 499
Termostat Produktové Označení Originálu 5432490 (5432490)
Clixon 175 GRD Original Miele
Termostat Sušička Produktové Označení Originálu 5432531 (5432531)
Thermostat for dryer, Miele Original: 5432531 Type: 36FXH16-20089Miele: T220, T223, T227, T230C, T231C, T233C T1576, T4122, T4123, T4222C, T4227C
Vypouštěcí Hadice (W1-02124)
Original hose dispencer - tub for Miele washing machines. Original p/n.: 3182800 Replacement for: 2022160 and 2022161Suitable for: W600 serie W700 serie W800 serie W900 serie WS5000 serie
1 190,00

Sáčky do vysavače

HyClean 3D Efficiency Dustbag type GN (9917730) (9917730)
Type: GN Suitable for: Complete C3 (S8000 – S8999) Complete C2 (S5000 – S5999) Classic C1 (S2120 – S2180) S600 – S658 S400 – S456i
Sáček do Vysavače FJM (9917710)
Type: FJM Package contents: • 4x Dustbag Original p/n.: 9917710Suitable for: S 241 > S 256i S 290 > S 299 S 300i > S 399i S 400i > S 499i S 500 > S 599 S 600 > S 699 S 700 > S 799 S 800 > S 899 S 4000 > S 4999 S 5000 > S 5999
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